Matt for MSCF President Announcement


Today I put my name forward for the office of MSCF President. For me, this is the culmination of a 15+ year journey defined by the belief that building a better world requires the twin forces of education and collective action. Throughout this journey, I have been a student of the labor movement, an organizer at the ground level, a practitioner of educating for justice, and a leader within our labor union.

I am running for MSCF President because I believe, without a doubt, that in this moment, together, we are poised to make history.

The challenges we face in higher education and the labor movement are numerous and severe: the erosion of public support, the decline of trust in institutions of higher education, the crisis of affordability and student debt, and a legal-legislative environment stacked against the very concept of collective social action.

To all that I say: Bring it on.

The work we do with our students has a direct impact on the vibrancy of our communities and our country. No election, court ruling, or lawsuit from an outside group will ever change that. The fight for preserving our role in society, and for what we need as educators to fulfill that role to the highest degree, is a fight we will never give up on.

We may not have asked for this challenge, but it is ours nonetheless and we shall prevail. No other organization in higher education, labor union or otherwise, has the infrastructure, the advantages, the capacity, and the potential that MSCF has to make change happen. We have all the elements we need to succeed. It has to be us; it will be us.

By the time we're done, we'll look back and realize that we weren't just there when the tide turned in higher education, but that we were the ones who turned it.

Let’s do this,

PS: I'm so proud and honored to have the support and encouragement of all the other current MSCF state officers in this campaign! 


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