I'm Matt Williams, and I am very proud to be your vice president.


Building on our past, we can forge a stronger future – for our members, our students, and our state.

Leadership and Experience

  • MSCF Vice President (2018-Present)

  • Graduate of the Minnesota Union Leadership Program

  • Member of the inaugural MSCF Emerging Leaders College cohort

  • Joint Labor Management Committee (MSCF / Statewide, 2018-Present)

  • Negotiations Committee (MSCF / Statewide, 2018-Present)

  • Academic Affairs Council (MSCF / statewide, 2018-Present)

  • MSCF Executive Committee statewide member-at-large (2017-2018)

  • Meet and Confer member (MSCF / statewide, 2017-Present)

  • Joint Committee on Credential Fields member (MSCF / statewide, 2015-Present))

  • Membership Engagement and Recruitment Committee (MSCF / statewide)

  • Member of the MSCF/MnSCU English Developmental Writing Workgroup

  • AASC Chair (Inver Hills)

  • Faculty Rights Committee (Inver Hills)

  • Faculty Shared Governance member (Inver Hills)


As your vice president, this is the vision of MSCF I will stand for:

An MSCF that thinks big.

In a time of crises and fear, it may seem rational and even sensible to draw down, pull back, and dig in.  But if we're going to stop the worst from happening, we have to be on the ground and in the game now more than ever. This means finding ways to expand and build power as much as we can for as long as we can. Thankfully, we do not stand alone in standing up for our values, and our voice on higher-education is still needed and respected around our state.

As your vice president, I will:

  • be a passionate advocate for our stories, our values, and our vision.

  • continuously work to foster and cultivate a bigger sense of what we can do.

  • tirelessly seek out partnerships and alliances within our communities.

  • always believe in our own strength and never give up.

An MSCF that is democratic

Engagement and recruitment are only as powerful as the involvement it provides members. Without the experience of being involved in collective action, struggle, and hope, the strength of our collective voice will never be fully realized. If we value efficiency over the messiness and hard work of democracy within our union, we do so at our own peril.  I believe building meaningful and long-lasting power within ourselves starts with our own democratic structures, and there are no short-cuts for this work.  

As your vice president, I will:

  • dedicate deliberate attention to fostering new leaders at the local and state level and work to give them the openings needed to gain leadership experience.

  • place the need for avenues of meaningful involvement in MSCF at the core of any discussion about changing MSCF's organizational structures at both the local and state level.

  • work with staff and other officers to build power from within and from the bottom up.


An  MSCF that unapologetically defends the liberal arts

As important as it is for all students to be equipped for the workplace, job training alone cannot help our students transform the world that their labor is a part of so that they may have lives of worth and dignityOnly a liberal arts education can do that for our students. If we aren't the voice for the role the liberal arts play, then who will be?

As your vice president, I will:

  • use my office to speak passionately about the need and the value liberal arts education brings to our communities, to our country, and to our democracy.

  • be a steadfast bulwark in all committees I am a part of against the erosion of the liberal arts throughout our system.

  • build coalitions and communities with educators in other systems focused on preserving and protecting this vital educational mission.

An MSCF as the voice for high quality, higher-learning.

I believe higher-learning is far more than the mere acquisition of certain skills.  Higher-learning embodies an unrelenting, tenacious pursuit of new knowledge in the world and with the world. It is the application of engagement with the problems and questions of our times.  It relies upon and makes use of accumulated experience, the multiplicity of perspective, and the time necessary to allow individuals to grow and evolve as thinkers and democratic citizens.  In an era where eroding financial support for higher-education is creating a crisis of affordability, our voice is more important than ever in sharing our vision for the necessity of high-quality, higher-learning.

As your vice president, I will:

  • vigorously defend the need for both high-quality higher-learning and affordable higher education

  • resist any and all attempts to make higher-education affordable by simply making higher-education shorter, lesser, or faster.

  • fight to maintain high standards in the classroom and the fundamental right for faculty to determine their own curriculum


An MSCF that believes it can be a force for change

We may never be able to outspend the groups lined up against public education, but these forces will never be able to connect to the dreams and hopes of our communities the way we authentically can.  While our classrooms and our shop floors will always be the primary focus of our work, an MSCF that connects our work to our communities cannot be undercut. It is precisely our connection to our students and their hopes, their dreams, their visions of tomorrow that gives us our greatest strategic strength. 

As your vice president, I will never give up hope that change is possible, and that we can be a part of creating a better world.


I hope you'll join me in helping MSCF build from our strong past to forge a better tomorrow.