Thank you.

The election has ended, and official results will be ratified at the next board meeting. Thank you to everyone who supported me and participated in this process!

Experience. Commitment. Vision.

Experience matters. I am the only candidate in this race with state-wide MSCF experience. As your current state-wide Vice President, I have been in the room and at the table as we have navigated severe challenges and prepared for the future. But my roots within the labor movement run deeper than that. I am a proud graduate of the Minnesota Union Leadership Program at the University of Minnesota, and I cut my teeth as an on-the-ground organizer during both graduate student unionization drives at the U. The world is changing around us, and I have the background to build the MSCF of tomorrow from day one.

A commitment to what we do. I was in the classroom for 14 years and I loved every second of it. But I also clearly understood that my personal satisfaction was second only to the immense importance the 2 year colleges have for our students. My motivation for pursuing MSCF leadership is 100% defined by my commitment to open access, public higher education. I believe our voice as faculty—united as MSCF—is the most powerful voice for preserving the important mission of public higher education. In an era of great need to have an educated citizenry and a productive workforce, Minnesota needs MSCF now more than ever.

A vision of our future. West Virginia. Oklahoma. Colorado. Los Angeles. Wright State University. Oakland. Across this country, educators are realizing the strength of their collective voice and standing up for their students and our profession. And they are winning. But none of these successes happened without thoughtful preparation, planning, and old fashioned organizing. As MSCF, we have crafted and defended one of the best contracts in higher education in this country. But to preserve the legacy of previous generations of leaders, we have to look to the future and understand the terrain upon which we stand for our students, our schools, and our profession has shifted. I say it is time to build the MSCF that can fight and win in this new era, and I have the experience to make this happen. Other unions have shown us the path forward, and with the strength of what we have already built, we can be the faculty that continues to lead the nation in preserving open access public higher education.










Matt Williams for MSCF President