My Story

My entire career as a scholar has been defined by the belief that the what we do in the classroom creates the future we will live in.  When we restrict access to learning, when we tie opportunity to high incomes, when we deny the presence of structures of oppression in education, the vibrancy of our world is diminished.

My involvement with the labor movement has been defined by the belief that our capacity to change the world through education depends the strength of our collective voice to create a world in which education matters.

The strength of this voice, however, does not happen on its own. It has been the great privilege of my career to be deeply involved with MSCF at both the local and state level. 

Quick Info:

President, Minnesota State College Faculty

Unlimited Full Time Faculty, Dept of English, Inver Hills Community College

PhD, Writing Studies - University of Minnesota 

MFA, Poetry - University of Minnesota 

BA, Philosophy & Humanities, University of Northern Iowa